14 Tips to Make Your Home More Secure

Amplifying residential security does not necessarily have to be a big-budget project. Feeling secure at all times in your personal space thus is a sensitive subject. But, before you go all out shelling big bucks in installing an expensive security system, take a good calculating look all around your home. A few simple low or no cost measures will successfully dissuade a would-be thief from targeting your home. As security of your home is the most important aspect, choose a weekend and go over these 14 tips to take your home safety up a notch. 1.      Conduct a Household meeting Adopt home security as a habit with every member of the household and incorporating a routine that includes following of simple rules like: ·          Using the locks of doors and windows as it costs absolutely nothing and takes little energy. Make it a habit to bolt every door and window before leaving and even before bedtime. ·          Refrain from opening door to uninvited or unwelcome